Take the Pledge with Partners In Construction Safety (PIRCS) to drive safely in construction zones

I pledge to make roadside construction zones safer for everyone. That means I’ll be driving the posted limit and paying attention to all hazards whether workers are present or not.


Pledge Right Here

Thank You Alberta

Alberta road construction safety is incredibly important. Every day, we work on and along Alberta roads, highways and utilities. For years, people have been telling you about the careless drivers who pass us by. Yes, speeders still exist, but we want to focus on the good drivers, the ones who are doing right by slowing down to the construction zone speed limit.

And you can help us build on that.

When you Vow to Slow down and drive safely in construction zones—whether workers are present or not—you’re letting others know some things are more important than getting somewhere a few minutes faster.

Protect yourself, your property and other people on the road. Please Vow to Slow Down. The Partners in Road Construction Safety (PIRCS) will be thanking drivers like you all summer long.

How We Say Thanks

When you sign the pledge and vow to slow down, we’ll reward you with delicious goodies*. It’s the right neighbourly thing to do.

*While totally awesome and vast supplies last. For Alberta residents only. First batch of cards to be mailed August 1, pending Canada Post mail delivery is operational.