Partners in Road Construction Safety

Thank you to those who drive safely through Alberta road construction zones.

People are making positive changes to their driving habits—but careless drivers in Alberta road construction zones are still a problem. Any time, anywhere, lives are needlessly put at risk.

Help change this dangerous trend by pledging to slow down and drive the posted limit—whether workers are present or not—strengthening Alberta road construction safety for all.

Here are your speed stats for 2016.

Vow To Slow Down

2016’s speeders by region
2016’s speeders by exceeded limit
1-10km/h over limit
11-20km/h over limit
21-30km/h over limit
31-40km/h over limit
>40km/h over limit
2016’s speeders by time of day
4am - 12pm
12pm - 8pm
8pm - 4am

Speeding fines double when workers are present.

Drive carefully, don’t be a speeding loser

Construction zone speeders by time of day.
of speeders
Construction zone speeders by month.
of speeders
Average speed over limit by construction zone speeders.
over limit
The Pledge to Drive Safely In Construction Zones.

Pedestrians are 8 times more likely to be killed when struck at 50km/h vs. 30km/h.
- World Health Organization

Vow to Slow Down

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